Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal wedding

Yes like the other 2 billion people in the world I was watching the royal wedding yesterday. I spent my time wondering how most guest had the guts to out dressed that way!! I don't get the whole hat thing, it looks horrible.
 All I can say is "WTF"  Didn't they look in the mirror and realise they look ridiculous
 Victoria Beckham showed up wearing a tent! She's pregnant so I forgive her.
 The Queen looking like a chick (a baby chicken not a hot girl)
 I did like Charlene Wittstcok's look, simple and classy.
 I also thought the princess of Spain had a pretty dress.
Nothing to say here, they always look hot!!
Pippa Middleton was very pretty and the little girls are adorable :)
 Her secong dress was also gorgeous but I would have liked it better if it was shorter.
THE BRIDE!!!! Such a pretty dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The dress was simple but the lace details on the arms made it so unique and gorgeous.

The second wedding dress was by the same designer as the first. Very classy and elegant. But I'm not a fan of the hairy cardigan.


  1. Love your lively humour bout the Royal Wedding! The madly hat somehow reminds me of Gaga,LOL..Nice blog, am following you now ;) It would be great if you could follow mine too, hugss~~


  2. Kate and her sister Pippa both looked so beautiful! But princess Eugenie and Beatrice - hilarious :)!Charlene Wittstcok looked perfect, so classy!

  3. So wonderful wedding - it was one real fairytale :))) And the bride was so beautiful!! She always is beautiful by the way!!! :))

  4. wow ...great photos collection ^_^

  5. I love Kates 2nd dress!

  6. Kate was simply stunning! I couldn't stop looking at pictures of her yesterday... and those hats in the first picture: horrendous... they looked like the evil step sisters from Cinderella.... awful!

  7. I agree on all the comments you made on the pics, hairy cardigan included !!!

  8. love this post and your blog is amazing!


  9. I am not a fan of the mohair looking cardigan either. Everyone was going on about how fantastic it was and I just could not get onboard. It is throwing the dress off.
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