Thursday, 25 August 2011

We love wool!

The Australian brand Woolmark lauched a competion called Find fashion by feeling. You can win a 12000$ holiday. All you have to do is post a look on their website wearing wool.  The look has to represent a feeling like happy, dark, natural, etc... The look that collects the most votes is the winner :) Have a look are the website here


  1. Found your blog on lookbook and i already love it, following you. Hugs!!! // Soha Mokdad

  2. I might just enter… what a coincidence, though!
    Hey, can you please visit my blog and read the post I just wrote? I entered a contest to win a trip to Paris and I need your vote!!!!
    Thank you :)

    xoxx Monica

  3. i will check it out! thanks for the post!


  4. Thanks!, i will check it out, have a nices weekend, kisses!

  5. Ohh thanks for telling ;) Have a great day love! Kisses!!
    Olaya B


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