Monday, 15 August 2011

What's in my bag

I have been a member of IFB for a while now but I never did any of their projects. But this one was fun and easy so here is what's in my bag.

My phone charger, I 'm a phone addict so I can't even imagine what I would do if the batterie died. My phone, although it's rarely in my bag since it's always in my hand :) My metro pass. Pads, cause you never know when you might get a bad surprise. Gum. Hand cream. My keys. My wallet. My external harddrive for watching movies when I get bored at work. Burt's bees lip balm. My agenda. An umbrella since it's always raining lately. Nars concealer. Benefit foundation. Givenchy mascara.

Apparently you can tell a lot about someone by what's in their bag. So what does this say about me?


  1. Love your bag and your agenda! Can you really watch movies when you get bored at work? This is amazing!


  2. Yes I'm always either watching movies or wasting my time online when I'm working, haha :)

  3. I love your bag! I think it says about you that you think of everything! I mean, a phone charger, pads, external harddrive and an umbrella, you don't need these things straight away.
    Thanks for your lovely comment btw!

  4. Seems like you have all the essentials covered! I love your iphone cover btw, and I've been wanting to try out that Benefit foundation for a while. Is it any good?


  5. C'est bien le sac d'une femme et d'une fashion addict ça au moins. On porte lourd tous les jours tout de même quand à savoir ce que ça veut dire ? Je ne suis pas psy :-) bises

  6. Hello,

    It's me maria :) You just messaged me at IFB, it feels so good when somebody welcomes me, so thank you for that!

    This is such a cool post! your bag is neatly organized! Loe your iphone cover!

    Care to follow each others blog?
    Followed you already.

    Hugs and kisses,

  7. Gosh I wish I could watch films at work - I can't even get on the internet to kill time hehe

  8. Wow it sounds great, I think I might invest when my current one runs out. Thanks for the tip and comment! :)


  9. I love your bag, this is a really great post. I like being nosy seeing what's in people's bags.

  10. What does it say about you? Well everything in your bag is somehow cute and stylish! Even the necessities like lotion and keys! (I see a blue key in there... blue? That's so neat! Mine are boring old copper colored)

    Great post. I've been a member of IFB for a few months now and haven't done any of the projects yet either....this one might be my first though!

    Cup of Tea

  11. i love what's in your bag... specially the agenda! Bag is so cool, reminds me of aleca chung bag! following you darling. want to follow me or see my work?! go to
    big xoxo 4 u

  12. Hi!!
    great post!, i love your agenda and the Eiffel Tower keychain !

  13. Loving your post - I am such a sucker for posts like this! I've been meaning to do mine for ages now. I really need to sit down and just do it! :) X

  14. Great post! I love seeing what everyone else keeps in their purses - such a great idea for a post :) I've been wanting to try Benefit's foundation....I love their blush <3


  15. Cool blog! I'm doing a post like this as we speak!

    Check it out some time at!

  16. Cute bag! I love all the things you chose

  17. amazing bag of course and i like how your agenda looks :)

  18. Lovely bag & purse:)
    xx from London

  19. I soooo know what you mean when you say you get bored at work... What's your job? I'm assuming it's an office job like mine... The problem is I can't watch movies at work, as I share an office with another 2 people... :S

    Great blog by the way...

    Feel free to check mine out:

    A bientot! :)


  20. I absolutely love your bag. The color is just amazing. <3


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